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Can I change my already verified email address?

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I have played DST and registerd using my in-use email address. But recently I registerd a new steam account and dumped the old one (by changing its associated email address to a throwaway one). I want to play DST on my new steam account (of course I bought it again), only to find it's not possible to verify using my in-use email address, which is bind to my old steam ID in DST.

I think the email verification step in DST is rather redundant, or at least provide options to change/unbind email address and steam ID please?

I've contacted customer support but there's no reply yet, so I think it wouldn't hurt to post here in case anyone else should run into the same trouble.

Love the game by the way, eager to be able to play it again!

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Hey @redblackbst,



We don't currently have the ability to change you email address.  We are working on a system that will let you update your email settings in the near future.   


Support is a little behind (having just returned from PAX) I would expect you will receive a response soon :)


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