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Wichonne - A character based on Michonne the series The Walking Dead

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Hi everyone...

This is my first thread here, and I hope you enjoy and support me 'cos i'm walk alone on this project... I'm a brazilian graphic Designer and player. After i saw  two TWD (The walking dead) characters for DST, I start this project to rise the TWD family in game, and bring more fans to play....





Now the textures are ready, but need make the avatars, preview,etc...

ASAP i'll post here images....





*More health - 200

*start with unbreakable katana (dmg - 80) - best weapon in game!

*run 25% faster with katana in hand

*gains sanity killing monsters



* Low sanity 80

*Unable use head gear 'cos her have a cool bandana and dreadlocks xD

*Loss more sanity than Wilson in afternoon and night







The .lua is the hard thing.... I'm not a programmer and I hate this thing, but I wanna make a perfect char and I wanna make it myself... Tips are welcome... 




****Character Based in Cthulu (The Squid Industries) and Wick Crimes (Crimes)...



Thank you for everyone... I promisse work hard to end this project ASAP!

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