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Is it possible to run DST in fast forward mode?

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Hi guys,


I am thinking about creating a DST mod but I need a crucial feature DST may not have. I need a way to fast forward the time. Is it possible to do that? The whole DST logic should still run but as fast as possible so I can test what happens after a few game days without actually having to wait. Is there any way to do that?


Background: I am working on an artificial intelligence called artificial life that uses evolutionary algorithms to breed brains/game logic for npcs. I could for example create a computer controlled player that has similar abilities to a normal player. They would gather food, need sanity and health and they compete with the players for resources. They might even build houses and create a base. For this to work I need millions of game plays until the AI is smart enough to play the game (yeah they are slow learners ...). So this is only possible if there is a way to let them play the game in fast mode. Is DST flexible enough to allow this?


Thank you for any help



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@devluz, Well... you can skip game time with the LongUpdate(...) command, but I don't think this will do what you want. What you're describing is the fundamental weakness of genetic algorithms, basically. In a real-world scenario you'd probably want to get around it by running many instances in parallel and feeding successful individuals back, and I suppose it would be possible to write custom networking in Lua to do that, but it would not be easy.

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