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Otherworldly Storage (a new backpack inventory syncing with a chest)

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My idea is this:

An otherworldly interdimensional storage system.


The first component would be the Hatter's Mad Chest.

It would be a chest shaped like a Top Hat that has the same inventory layout and space as a backpack, but it has to be placed on the ground.


The second component would be the Tricky Magic Backpack.

It would be a backpack vaguely in the shape of a top-hat and function just like the normal backpack.


They will share inventories. Anything you put in the Hatter's Mad Chest will be in the Tricky Magic Backpack and vice-versa.


This can be used in co-op when one person is at the base and another is exploring, the base player can send medicinal aid, food, weaponry, or anything else that can be stored in a chest... in the same way, the explorer can send back materials they don't need or that the base builder needs.


It obviously wouldn't be easy to craft, requiring a silk hat, nightmare fuel, gems, and/or gears for both of them.


It would have amazing utility in co-op servers and bring a whole new level of co-op to the game. I really would like to see this.


And as with all my suggestions... if this can be done with a mod, please, somebody do it. I need this.

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