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[Help]OnSave and OnLoad?

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I write code to try save item data to disk and hope read this data next booting, but seem this data don't save successfully. I couldn't read save data at reboot, why?


My code following:

function container:Open(doer)  -- Try to load last save data  inst.OnLoad = onload  -- If last data(inst.lockID) is empty, save opener userid to inst data  if inst.lockID == "" then    inst.lockID = doer.userid    -- Save Data    inst.OnSave = onsave    -- Reload Data    inst.OnLoad = onload    return nil   end	end-- Save Datalocal function onsave(inst, data)    data.lockID = inst.lockIDend-- Load Datalocal function onload(inst, data)  if data and data.lockID then    inst.lockID = data.lockID  end	end

But seems data don't save,  I restart serevr and trace first reload data, inst.lockid was still empty.

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What is container? A prefab? Or are you trying to edit the container component?

OnLoad and OnSave don't get executed whenever you write the line, they get executed when loading and saving.

AddComponentPostInit("container", function(self)	self.lockID = nil	local old1 = self.Open	function self:Open(doer)		if self.lockID == nil then			self.lockID = doer.userid		end		old1(self, doer)	end	local old2 = self.OnSave	function self:OnSave()		local data = {}		data.lockID = self.lockID		data.olddata = old2(self)		return data	end	local old3 = self.OnLoad	function self:OnLoad(data, newents)		if data and data.lockID then			self.lockID = data.lockID		end		if data and data.olddata then			old3(self, data.olddata, newents)		end	endend)

You have to override Open, OnSave, and OnLoad.

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