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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: "Mod Error" bug

Issue Description: About 3 weeks ago I was playing on modded server. My laptop discharged and I had no time to play DST as well, so I didn't knew some issue appeared. I went to play a game but there was some crash report made by mods and i got only 3 options - Exit game, Disable mods, Mod forums. I choose to Disable mods and the game never loaded. I need help, I can't play the game at all. I had no installed mods besides these that were on the server I logged on (and didn't even got chance to choose character)

Steps to Reproduce: I was waiting veeeery long to game to load. The longest time i waited was 45 minutes and just before posting this post i was waiting 20 minutes to see if the issue is gone by it's own.

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@rezecib so I went there and there was few mods there, 27 not loaded (and there was 27 in total btw) and then a list of every single item in DST (grass, icestaff, tophat and so on) and right next to it "Could not unload undefined prefab 0x9ce1eaee". The numbers and letters combination changed in different items. this one was rocks. What should i do? The not responding mods were: DST Storm Cellar, Crash Bandicoot 2.0.0, Wapiti DST, Spider Cage, More Spiders, Gem Tools, Waiter 101 v3.15, Wray, Who Needs Fire?, (DST) Reaper - WIP, The Arena, Balanced Exchange, Foodie, Global Player Icons, Magikarp, Gem Spears, Digestion, UFO, DST Advanced Farming, Stumps grow, Diggable Reeds, The Order Mod, v1.3.3SmartCrockPot, Extended Map, Generation DST, Fish Farm, Grasshoppers For All, Gentlemen's Mod. (and I went through log.txt and i noticed you can have 5 genders for characters ;o)

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