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Problem with starting game

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When I starting the game, it shows me this (//Photo in attachments)

I already read something on forum, and knew that I should read a log (//In attacments too)

The first log (//Attacments too) was in those topic, and it was problem with mod (//highlighted in the text on screenshot, first window)

But my log looks like highligted text in the second window, and says about "mainfunctions" in  line, where crash probably is.


I suppose, crashed a very important thing, and


Can you help me to understand it for good and improve it, please?


second log with important error.txt

first log with mod error.txt

post-614443-0-29234700-1425655376_thumb. - game's start

post-614443-0-74789700-1425655469_thumb. - highlighted promblem lines

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Do you have "growlie.xml" in bigportraits folder?

2nd question is does the xml contain correct filename tex file? (if you copy-pasted it from another mod, it may contain that mod's info instead of growlie.tex for example)

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