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Please update Wiki on configuring 'blocklist.txt'

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Hi everyone,


I am still confused as to how the 'blocklist.txt' works exactly.  This is mainly an issue for people working with dedicated servers, not the GUI client. 


When I open it up, there is a little circle (not recognized on keyboard) that separates the different parts.  Instead of an * it is like a superscript 'o'. 


The formatting seems to be:


KU_abcdefch (Klei ID),o 12345678901234567890 (Steam ID?),o Character (i.e., Willow),o Server Name,o Server Description.



> >


I have banned two players thus far (griefers), each from different sessions.


There is no line break between the two, the next banned player follows right after the first person; and it uses that unrecognized superscript 'o'. 



Q1.  Can the 'blocklist.txt' be configured to universally ban certain players?  Or do they have to be manually added to each new session created?


Q2.  What is that superscript 'o'?  Will this later be replaced with something standard like #, @, ^, or * ?


Q3.  Will line breaks mess up the 'blocklist.' functionality?




KU_0934920, 092384029384032, All Characters

KU_9837492, 982342983749283, All Characters


Instead of:


KU_0934920, 092384029384032, All Characters,o KU_9837492, 982342983749283, All Characters



> >


So I am hoping all of these things will be clarified in a Wiki Update.  Thank You!







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