[Gameplay] - Pengulls don't spawn anymore


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Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: Pengulls don't spawn anymore

Issue Description: Me and my sis have been playing DST for 200+ days. We used to get a lot of pengulls all the time. I would run by the shore just to get them to spawn, but as of the last few times we've been playing, 0 pengulls have spawned all winter. We just played through another winter, and I purposely tried to spawn them, running along the entire shore, but nothing came.

Steps to Reproduce: Play the game per usual, run along the shore near the ice nests, see no pengulls.

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In a dedicated server (version 129059) I hosted with up to 10 players, we only saw 1 group of Penguills during the first winter.  I haven't seen them jump out of the water when near a coastline in recent game updates. 


Maybe they are balancing out the Penguil and Lag issues?  This Penguill group seemed a little bigger than the last one I saw in the previous build.



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-Also, Deerclops seem to show up at the end of the first winter more often, maybe because of the number of players or the amount of structures we built?


-I've seen a Varg (that big hound) and his pack also show up during Late Summer without needing to follow animal footprints.  The Varg thankfully did not head over to our camp, but after the Varg's hounds chased us, and had to be dealt with, then an actual Hound attack (warning grunt noises) followed shortly after.  Was quite intense! Good thing we had lots of players to defend each other!

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