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Mod Idea - Hordes/Warmachine Mod

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My Idea is to bring Warmachine and Horde Mods into the Dont Starve Atmosphere. Sadly enough I'm mainly just an artist and I have experience with spriter. I don't have any background in coding and i don't know most of the conversions for the correct files needed for the game. I'd like to see if there's any experienced coders who'd like to help me. I'll pump out all the art, animations and an outline of what I need. I'm looking to add Monsters, Characters, Weapons, Pets/Helpers, Armor, Terrain(as well as Worldgen), Ores, Recipes, and the whole shibang. Contact me on here if you all have any questions you want to ask or any ideas you can throw at me. I'll be setting up a Cloud if any of the major modders need any imagery or animation. Heres the very beginnings of what i plan to work on (very Basic not even complete).



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