Looking to have character mod made!


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I need someone who can do the coding and art for a personal character mod for my favorite game! If you are interested we can talk prices. Thanks in advance!


Only if its a nice game of dice.............woeho ho! NOW I want someone to make a mod of my favorite game!

3 Man

Warning Adult College Humor in spoiler, please do not look at if language or college humor offends you



I think it would be great to link with the AI in pigs, but instead of college play, with dont starve play!

Roll a three: insanity drops

Roll a 7 the pig to the east Or left of player Does a random emote

Roll a 9 everyone dances!

Roll snake eyes, turns night, pigs light on fire till dead, 2 random raid bosses spawn, and immediately start fighting 

Doubles Spawns a Beefalo in heat. 


So is it possible to create this? if it is I'll put it on my todo list if someone can help me with the coding portion. or even collab on it! HECk we can even make custom dice that can be found in the world!

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