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Hey Guys,



Why is it that you have to be connected to the KLEI Servers to play LAN?


I mean if you have a Internet connection you wouldn't need LAN anyway.


Imagine the following Situation


2 People want to play DST. They both have a copy of DST but no Internet connection but a good and stable connection to each other through a Local network.

But becuase there is no internet there is also no connection to the Klei Servers.
That when the game disables the option to search for LAN games in the filters. Why is that? Could you please explain that?

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@Simola, I think the last update might've broken LAN, there has been about 4-5 separate reports of LAN games not working anymore. You can try using c_connect(...) on the console, though.

c_connect("ip address", port, "password")

The port should always be 10999 for LAN games (and is always 10999 if you haven't manually reconfigured it), and your local IP address should be something like 192.168.0.# or 10.0.#.#. So, if you have no password, you can leave out the other two arguments and just use:

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