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Adminlist.txt and Votekicks.

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So, I've spent the evening wrestling with my own handful of DST dedicated servers, and ran into a few issues that I've been troubleshooting.

FIRST, I was having a LOT of trouble with the adminlist.txt not assigning admin rights as it should, even when listed with the appropriate KU_'s per line.

I solved this by joining, banning myself, and who I wanted to be admins, and renaming banlist.txt to adminlist.txt. This seems to work some kind of ancient voodoo magic that enables the server to actually assign the powers as it should. 


I've been having some trouble STILL with the votekick system. From what I've read, it only works if there's not an admin present, but the dedicated server itself is always set to admin role, thus votekick doesn't seem to work.

It's enabled in my settings file, and everything, but alas, there is no way I can see to initiate any kind of votekick in the game.

Can anyone shed some light on this?

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Hi BearPatrol,


I believe that the vote kick system is not working at the moment (to be confirmed by the developers or users more experienced than me)


so for your adminlist.txt it's ok or still need help?

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