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A General Suggestion

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Hello guys, so here goes nothing.. :) I bought the game together with my wife and sister :) and we started playing Dont Starve Together, but the problem is as follows...



When we play single player, there is no problem, but when there is a net game with more than two people inside, there is terrible laggs, which prevent us from playing , enjoying , and living to feed.



Please, think about working on this problem, may be it's because there are too much DST players, i don't know, but i sure hope that you fix the multy player experience in this game, for it is one of the best games i've ever seen so far



:) Thankss for the good game, please try to keep it up to frame

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@Nicrowa, Hosting from the best computer you have might help. Hosting in DST is actually pretty demanding (it mainly depends on single-core speed, so the GHz of your processor, the number of cores don't matter much).


You can also try using the multhreaded launch options (set launch options through Steam's properties):

-threaded_physics -threaded_renderer
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