Requesting Mod For a Better Willow for DST [details inside]


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I'd like a mod combines the better qualities of the new nerfed Willow, The Old Willow, and the Brighter Lighter mod.

Nerfed Willow pros- The lighter being finite helps keep there from being an excess of her lighters laying around the map and being able to craft a new one makes losing it substantially less of a blow. People picking them up and keeping them from deceased willows will be less relevant . Her lack of sanity induced fires keeps people more at ease around her in the DST environment.


Old Willow pros- Fire Damage Immunity. And lack of all other nerfs done.


Here is what I propose for Willow's stats.


Old Willow Stats with out sanity fires and with the craft-able finite lighter.


Here is what i propose for Willow's lighter.

Same as it in the nerfed version but refuel-able with petals if its not already. My reason being that she came from our world presumably and into the world of Don't Starve and its not a magic lighter.

I'd like a second Craft-able lighter that only Willows is able to make that is made from magical items found in Don't Starve. Proposed Recipe is 1 Lighter, 2 red gems, and 4 nightmare fuel. Think it makes sense that pyro would upgrade to a fancy magic lighter. For its stats i propose the following below.


Fancy magic lighter

  1. Has light Radius of torch.
  2. Last 5x longer than Regular lighter.
  3. Refuel-able with Lighter=20%, red gem=50%, and nightmare fuel=25%.
  4. Emits light when on the ground like lanterns.
  5. Can be cooked on.
  6. Drains sanity for non-Willow Characters. (It is after all a magic and nightmare fueled flame.)
  7. Could be aesthetically different than regular lighter to show its all magic and stuff.

I think this will give players incentive to play as Willow, help keep other players from being on edge, and give you a lighter you'd actually like to have.

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