[Client Crash] - Could not preload undefined prefab 0x20e21d7a (puppet_wes)


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Bug Submission:

Category: Client Crash

Issue Title: Could not preload undefined prefab 0x20e21d7a (puppet_wes)

Issue Description: A friend of mine made 3 character mods for Don't Starve Together. Shes distributed to me and two other of my friends. These mods work for them except for me. Each time I get to character select and I click past Wilson the game crashes right away. I even clicked in the other direction.

I tried unsubscribing & uninstalling other mods but that didn't work. I made sure it was in the right folder like 5,000 times! I even tried it on 2 different computers! Can somebody please help? This is getting annoying. D:

Steps to Reproduce: I put the mods into the mod folder. I start up the game and start my own server or go into a server in which my friends had the same mods installed, and go to character select. I click past Wilson and the game crashes.

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