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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: Day Timer Bug

Issue Description: I was playing with a friend of mine on a non-dedicated server as the host (me). He somehow jumped to Day 14 while I was on Day 12 still. We were confused at first just thinking it was a common bug but after looking on the internet we couldn't find it anywhere. Another thing, I'm fairly certain it is a problem on my side because in the hosting server list it says World 1 Day 14. Just as a side note, my friends name is in Russian and it shows this weird long seemingly xbox controller picture in place as his name (see screenshots).

Steps to Reproduce: Unfortunately all I know is that we were playing normally not anything out of the ordinary. We had killed the first wave of Hounds two days before. The only thing that may have happened is each time I would disconnect it would prompt my friend too but he would wait to disconnect possibly into the next day causing the server to still think someone was on the server so it still advanced to the next day for him, but not for me.

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