[Client Crash] - Crash before first menu Linux Lubuntu 14.04


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Bug Submission:

Category: Client Crash

Issue Title: Crash before first menu Linux Lubuntu 14.04

Issue Description: OS: Lubuntu 14.04

I see the loading icon in the lower left corner of the window for just a second or two, and then the game crashes.

Unsubscribed from all mods, deleted all mods in mods folder.

Last week the game ran beautifully at least once. The issue seemed to be fixed after deleting the folder ~/.klei/DoNotStarveTogether. Now this does not fix the issue.

Have reinstalled the game. Not fixed.

Please help

Steps to Reproduce: Have a ton of fun playing Don't Starve Together last week. Start Don't Starve Together again this week.

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@zebidare, Hmm, this looks to be the error:

Assert failure 'mPlanes[Left].n != mPlanes[Right].n' at ../source/mathlib/frustum.cpp(47)Assert failure 'BREAKPT:' at ../source/mathlib/frustum.cpp(47)Assert failure 'mPlanes[Near].n != mPlanes[Far].n' at ../source/mathlib/frustum.cpp(48)Assert failure 'BREAKPT:' at ../source/mathlib/frustum.cpp(48)Assert failure 'mPlanes[Top].n != mPlanes[Bottom].n' at ../source/mathlib/frustum.cpp(49)Assert failure 'BREAKPT:' at ../source/mathlib/frustum.cpp(49)

I found one case of this before, but it wasn't very well-documented. But apparently it has to do with graphics drivers, so I guess see if those are updated? It could also just be something the devs have to fix, from the sounds of that old bug report.

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