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Giving/Spawning items problem when trying to revive me or others on dedicated server

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Hi there! So I have a dedicated server setup with a separate conf-dir and a different port that's forwarded on my router. All is well and myself and others can join/leave/join my server just fine. Some client mods are installed and working properly. 


Here's my issue: When I die or a player dies on my dedicated server, I'd like to revive them or myself to keep playing (when we have a particularly nice world and an unfortunate situation happens). 


As far as I can tell, the only solutions are to spawn/give telltale hearts or seeing stones. However, when I do the c_give("reviver", 1) or any c_give command, nothing happens. Same for other players. 


When I spawn something, anything, it works and spawns where my mouse is, but it can't be interacted with or picked up. When I leave and then rejoin, those items have disappeared. 


As the owner of the dedicated server, I need to be able to spawn or give items, but that doesn't seem to be working. Any ideas? Again, the basic goal is to revive myself or others when we die. 


Thanks in advance! 

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@Billiam, You need to send the commands in remote mode, which you turn on by pressing control on the console screen.


For reviving yourself, though, it's fastest to do c_spawn('amulet'). Sometimes I like to do ThePlayer:PushEvent('respawnfromghost') -- that's mainly useful if you want to revive everyone at once:

for _,v in pairs(AllPlayers) do v:PushEvent('respawnfromghost') end 
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