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"Live Long and Prosper" server

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In dedication of Leonard Nimoy, I have spun up a new Endless server for everyone's enjoyment.


Located in Dallas, TX, here are the server specs:


2x Xeon 5650 Processors (24 logical cores)

72G ECC Registered RAM

4x64G Intel Extreme SSD's set RAID 0

1x2T SATA drive for backups


There is a custom map, set to huge, and some of the resources are upped some to help when we get a larger playerbase in the future.


I personally own all the hardware, so there will be no monthly "pleas for money" from me. It is here now for the sole purpose of having a place for players to enjoy themselves, and to honor a great man.


If you would like some tweaking on the server, Im also very open to it, since it is here for the playerbase, not me.


Live Long and Proper everyone. :)

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After watching how different people play, I have decided to make 3 dedicated servers.


Live Long and Prosper - Public

Live Long and Prosper - PvP

Live Long and Prosper - Private


The Public server is exactly that, a public one where anyone can come in and play. Although griefing is possible (it is a public server) we ask players not to. There will be a 1 day ban if caught by an admin.


The PvP server is exactly that, a public PvP server. Everything goes here, so be forewarned.


The Private server is made for a more community oriented player base. The password is handed out by the Admins, and each persons property is respected. Consider this like a Township/RPG server. Permanent banning is an option.



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