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Character warnings for meteor storms, and a meteor calling item

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Some kind of advance warning for Meteor Showers. Surely the characters can look up in the sky and see those meteors are coming and can say something (to the player) like they do when the hounds are baying.



An item to call a meteor or meteors down, something akin to the Old Bell but for DST that will cause a meteor or a shower to come down at the location of the call. Have it crafted out of moon rocks and some other applicable super rare item.



Are either of these possible with mods..? If so, and as with all my feedback and suggestions, I'd appreciate someone with more talent than me putting this kind of stuff in the game. Doesn't matter if it comes from Klei or not to me, just so long as it doesn't crash that game I'm good!

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I like the idea of character reactions to Meteor Showers.


However, summoning Meteor Showers is kinda OP, maybe best suited for PVP only? 


Maybe you can discover a Ancient Wand or Relic (like discovering a Blue Print) that allows you to summon a Meteor Shower once or twice.


I dunno, could be useful for taking out mobs of monsters, but could also wreck bases.


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