Suggestion to Willow changes and possible server option

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Hello,  I'm not sure if this goes here or if anyone here has said anything about it, I didn't see any post on it so sorry if this is out of place but...It would be nice that rather than punish all willow mains like myself for the greifing of others ( You can greif on any char ) there be an option for the host to diselect willow on the list of characters who can and cannot join their server. Better yet, have it where you cannot ignite a fire until set amount of days, ect, since you can still greif with a touch.


As for willow, it would be nice to have her back without the sanity issue which can cause a lot of mistrust in players for either playing her or having her around. I myself am very careful with my willow, I explore, cook, make sure everyone is fed and ready for winter. If my sanity is low i've always ran to a different camp I create till my sanity is up or I've given up my lighter for an amount of days till server host trusted me. It's really tough. If anything I'd rather have my lighter back so I can explore without wasting my teammates resources or having them risk the night. Crafting a new lighter for some might seem a bit pointless as well.


I think what needed to be removed most was her sanity issue. Just my opinion as a willow player, though for some it did give that thrill of worry when it came to keeping sanity up. I am also speaking as a Pve only player so I can imagine that pvp would be a little different when it came to this character. Perhaps having her not be immune to fire in pvp?


That's about it, just tossing my suggestion and opinion in there. I will continue to main willow as I do not enjoy the other characters as much, besides she reminds me of a character in a movie I loved as a child. I know willow isn't final so maybe someone will read this and think about it. I appreciate all the hard work being put into the game and I've had a great time so far. =)



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Welcome to the forum!
I like your suggestions.
You should post this in the
Don't Starve Together forum,
but I think there are already
like 5 threads about Willow.

Don't worry, Willow's
changes are only temporaray!


As many forum-goers have guessed, this is not our final vision. It’s a stopgap that we hope will improve experiences in DST overall by reducing fire-destruction and starting to change some of the Willow perception problems that exist right now.


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