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MapGeneration 'more' & 'lots' setting

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If i choose either 'more' or 'lots' for spawning entities the map generator will put things anywhere on the whole map instead of sticking it to the correct biomes.


that does make sense for e.g. flowers or rocks, which are in general scattered around the map per default. but for-instance reeds or beefalos also occur around the whole map on raised settings and wont stick to their certain biome anymore.

so in my opinion the actual state feels not really like "more"/"lots" but more like "anywhere"/"everywhere"


for example having more players in endless mode you probably want/need more boosters. but setting the "more" or "lots" option for reeds makes it quite unnecessary to visit the swamp at all.

i'd rather expect more reeds in swamp than anywhere on the map, which will keep the need of gathering and exposure of danger.


probably spawning sometimes a cluster of 2-3 reeds instead of one single reed when "more" option is set and always double/triple amount on "lots" feels like a solution, because its also a matter of space and the mapgen-code of course.. same could work for beefalos, tentacles, etc.

it feels like a better solution than spawning a "big reed" which could drop double/triple amount of reeds, because it wont work for beefs or similar as well.


btw some honey: awesome game - i'm lovin' it - keep it up =)

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It is pretty counter-intuitive.


It would be really nice if one of the settings just made more of that particular biome spawn, rather than the individual item spawning all over the map.


Also, "More" for some settings makes absolutely no sense when compared to "More" for other settings.


Set skeletons to "More", and it feels good.  They aren't everywhere, there's just a few more of them along the way.


Set chess pieces to "More" and never sleep in safety again, as there will be Bishops shooting electro-balls at you from across the screen and Rooks smashing through literally anything on the map that is standing, no matter where you go, constantly.  Forever.



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