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Rotate an object 180 deg

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Blah, sadly that worked for another problem but I have another one...



I need this...

    local dest = Vector3(inst.components.fishingrod.fisherman.Transform:GetWorldPosition() )    local current = Vector3(troupplefish.Transform:GetWorldPosition() )    local direction = (dest - current):GetNormalized()    local angle = math.acos(direction:Dot(Vector3(1, 0, 0) ) ) / DEGREES    troupplefish.Transform:SetRotation(angle)    troupplefish:FacePoint(dest)

Rotated by 180 more... It seems the  Prefab I have thinks its backwards T_T


Fisherman is well the person fishing

troupplefish is the fish that spawns inside the pond


Texture wise it faces the left  <--- head   tail --->


but using the follow up top, it always puts it tail facing the fisherman and not the head.

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