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Category: General

Issue Title: different versions

Issue Description: me and my friend got the game a few days ago and we started playing.

the next day i try to join the server but it says he is in a newer version then me so i re-installed it didn't work it said i was on latest version but when i try to join the server it say he is on a newer version so he re installed but same thing happened so i cant play with him because it says im in older version. what do i do?

Steps to Reproduce: i don't know all i did was launch the game and started playing and the next day i did the same thing but we were in different versions.

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  • Developer

Hey @123boyisme


Instead of re-installing, you can usually get the latest update by restarting your computer, and opening Steam.


You can also get it by right clicking on Don't Starve Together,  properties, Verify Cache.



You can see your version by pressing backspace: 


Does the version match your friends version?



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