[Graphics] - Graphic Display "Errors"

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Bug Submission:

Category: Graphics

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Graphic Display "Errors"

Issue Description: -Totally Normal Trees always have a small amount of snow on them.

-I have twice encountered a flat spear on the ground that is part of the ground itself and not an item (pic attached)

-Occasionally there has been a plant outside of the playable space (floating over the water). I have encountered this is the single player game as well. In DTS, however, it seems to be in areas where two bits of land are separated by only a sliver of water (pic attached)

-There have also been times when my character walks over/in front of a rock or tree (pic attached)

Steps to Reproduce: nothing special

(i think the first pic attached is not the one i meant to include... when i hit the "delete" option a pop-up notification says the "action failed")

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