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  1. Find mods on the Steam Workshop that you want. Some people make collections, or you can ask for recommendations, or just comb through them all slowly.
  2. Subscribe to the mods you want.
  3. Open the mods menu in-game, and enable the mods you want. Many of them also have configuration options that you can set there, as well.
  4. Host your server normally.

Note that some mods are client-only (for example, Gesture Wheel or Always On Status-- you can have the mod and people joining might have it or not, and it'll only be on for people who have it). Others may be All-Client; these ones will get automatically downloaded for people who join your server. A few rare mods are also server-only, so only the server needs them.


As the host, you don't really have to worry much about the distinction, except as far as client-only mods-- don't expect everyone to have a Minimap because you yourself have Minimap HUD. But if other people want it, they can get it themselves.

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