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[commission] Looking to pay for mod/character art


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Hello! A friend and I are looking to pay for a mod and character art of our two OCs. Are funds are limited so nothing too pricey but we're not looking for much. We're hoping maybe 10 each? Prices can be worked out though! Just the character, art wanting to look as close to original style as we can please. and a few custom settings.


Also would like full dialog, which we have written already.



Character 1:


Low hunger but hunger decreases slowly.

Low sanity 

average health.

Hits weak but runs a little faster


Character 2:


High hunger but decreases faster

average sanity

average health

Hits hard walks normal speed.


More details if you can help us please! :)

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Hello! If you could that's be fantastic! Thanks so much! We don't mind the wait. We don't have any don't starve kind of art or anything but they're of our OCs whos Face claims are Cody Christian( http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m5xhisP91P1r4w3umo1_500.jpg ) and Colin Ford ( http://colinfordactor.com/wp-content/uploads/colin-ford-joe.jpg ) I can send you more info in a message if you'd like.

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