[General] - Items and day reset for one character, map not.


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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: Items and day reset for one character, map not.

Issue Description: In a second session on a dedicated server (the server was closed after the first one) the hosting character was reset to day 1 except for the map.

The other character is playing normal, for example it is day 14 with belt items remaining and map info has persisted.

The hosting players character is day 1 with empty belt and map info has persisted.

I've got no clue to if this is even related to the whole hosting and guesting thing, but this has happened to both of us when hosting. It doesn't happen most of the time, but it is pretty often.

We've played like 15 games and this has happened 3-4 times now. Didn't happen on non-dedicated LAN server during several (about 10) sessions where we did actually close the game in between.

Steps to Reproduce: 1.) Host dedicated passworded server with max 2 people, set to pause when empty, max looping and branching and the least amount more boons than default. Tickrate is 15.

2.) Play some, even couple of days seemed to be enough.

3.) Disconnect, close the server.

4.) Start the server again.

5.) Join the server.

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