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I installed DST dedicated server on my VPS that runs Debian 7 (with old libc workaround) with an Intel Xeon E3-1241 and it uses a lot of my CPU. When it is idle it uses about 20% CPU. When I have 8 players it jumps between 70% to 80% CPU usage. Is it supposed to use that much CPU?


My server map size is set to medium.

Resources are set to often.

Tick rate set to 10.

Everything else is default.

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Hi @RekiRaki


this subject already been discussed in several post that here is an example:




Indeed the CPU consumption problem is present on most dedicated servers (windows and linux)


if you interesting for help community and devs for fixed lag and some problem,


you can take profil on your server and upload on this post with maximum information of your server:



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