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Character Mod Problem


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Hello all, 


     I have made a character mod, yet when I enable it, the game freezes on a screen saying that the mod has failed to run last time and will be disabled. What causes this problem?





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Hello Dwim,


you're going to get grounded ! This gets asked a million times everyday  :wilson_nerdy:


Go find the log.txt file in your Documents > Klei > DoNotStarve and search your mod's name in it to find what caused the error. This file shall be your best friend for any weird crash issue in the future.


Make sure you read the general mod help threads, there's a bunch of stuff you should know about mods in order to work at ease.


Good luck.

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okay, so I made a character mod but every time I try to launch the DST Beta with it on, it crashes because it's expecting an "=" after the '


I'm not sure how to fix it, being that the character's name contains apostrophes


Any words of advice to get it working?



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