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Category: General

Issue Title: Framerate dropping

Issue Description: My specs :

i7 4970K - GTX 970 - 16 Go RAM

I am having insane laggs since the last update. My framerate is under 20FPS all along. The game was perfectly working 1 month ago at 144FPS - 1080p. All my drivers are up to date and I already tryed to uninstall the game.All my others games are working great (Evolve, H1Z1, Dying Light, League of Legends, etc...)

Steps to Reproduce: I tryed to play with the settings and some times it works at 60FPS, but it's really random. For exemple when I set the game to 144FPS - 1080p, it don't want to save de framerate change, locked at 60 in settings but under 20FPS real... I changed the resolution frome 1080p to 768p it didn't change anything but when I got back to 1080p, I had 60FPS real in game... But as soon as I changed the framerate from 60 to 144, the laggs came back and I was under 20FPS real... I tryed to get back from 144FPS to 60FPS but the laggs stayed... So it's really random

There must be a problem with resolution / framerate in the last update

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  • Developer



To the best of my knowledge nothing was in yesterday's update that could cause this behaviour to have changed.


Could you try grabbing a profile (see below) and zipping it up and uploading it? It may help me see if there's anything strange going on.


To grab a profile

- go in game

- open the debug console (press ~ on default configurationl)

- type 'TheSim:Profile()' (without quotes) followed by enter

- Wait a few seconds


There should now be a profile.json on your DST documents folder. If you zip and upload that I'll take a look.



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