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[Mod release] Stinger Turret

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I wanted an "easy-to-craft" turret, much easier than Houndius Shootius (eyeturret).

Besides, we need more turret than just one. Right?


So here it is. It uses "eyeturret" stategraph, brain and sound effect for now.


Damage: ~21 (1/3 of Houndius Shootius)
Range: 15
Attack Period: 3 seconds
Turret Health: 333 (1/3 of Houndius)
Turret HP regen: 12 hp per 3 seconds
Sanity: Gives sanity (tiny)
Tab: Structure
Easy: Killerbee(1), log(1), rope(1) - requires science machine
Normal: Killerbee(2), log(2), gears(1), nightmarefuel(2) - requires science machine
Hard: Killerbee(2), log(4), gears(2), nightmarefuel(4) - requires alchemy engine
VHard: Killerbee(2), log(8), gears(6), nightmarefuel(8) - requires alchemy engine
If anyone knows how to do custom sound, or use other in-game sound - please let me know.
Currently, it's




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