[General] - Can't plant items such as pinecones


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Issue Title: Can't plant items such as pinecones

Issue Description: I started playing again after one of the latest updates (and am currently on Update 126778 - 02/12/2015 -- Current content BuildID:524354) added xbox controller support. Sometimes I cannot plant anything which includes pine cones, cut grass, twig plant, fleshy bulbs, spiders nest etc (I have tried to plant all these things listed). I have only noticed the behaviour on other servers but they were not modded. Also, I usually can plant the first day but have had problems has early as the end of day two on a server. I will usually not be able to plant for the rest of the game (maybe 10 or 15 days long) except usually once a game, and only during the day cycle for a period of less than a day, I will be able to plant things again. It's has happened this way in three or four different games/servers. I do use the xbox 360 wireless controller for windows but otherwise I have a pretty standard windows 7, intel i3, amd radeon hd setup.

Steps to Reproduce: As I said it seems to happen after a couple days in every server I join.

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The problem seems to be that when using a controller you don't path 100% of the way to where you need to be to plant whatever you're trying to plant. To the client, it looks like you're close enough, but the server does a range check to make sure you can actually plant an item from where you stop and then cancels the planting. It seems like it could be fixed by tweaking either the range check on the server or the client plant range for controllers.

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