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Custom Item Modding issues

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I have been trying to get the item moding issue soted out for some time, but it is just not working when I boot up my mod with it as a starting item this is exactly what it says



LUA ERROR stack traceback:

         scripts/widgets/image.lua(30,1) in fuction 'SetTexture'

         scripts/widgets/image.lua911,10 in fuction '_ctor'

         scripts/class.lua(181,1) in function 'Image'

         scripts/widgets/itemtile.lua(38,1) in function '_ctor"

         scripts/class.lua(181,1) in function 'ItemTile'

         scripts/widgets/inventorybar.lua(178,1) in function 'Rebuld'

         scripts/widgets/inventorybar.lua(281,1) in function 'OnUpdate'


 any help would be aprecated

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