Tooth-Trap abuse!

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Greetings - I would like to comment on a gameplay flaw (in my perspective), resembling a bug. While it is indeed useful for the players, it kills off many of the dynamic game elements.

The tooth trap - I was a little mystified on how it initially worked, but it seems that a creature has to trigger it first, and then it can "spin"(?) to harm those that are around it.

Now, this is all fine as you set up a defensive perimeter, preparing for an eventual hound-raid, but this also brings up quite a few issues.

It was hinted in the patch notes that it can be used as a tool of evading Krampus' wrath for slaughtering rabbits, but then again, it can be used to evade being 'naughty' (or simply not risk your own health) while killing any neutral/passive mobs!

I had made my camp on the border of a savannah, facing a forest, and placed some hound traps to the west, where the Beefalo's natural habitat was. Well, I returned to see a half-worn-out trap, and an abundance of meat and fur around it. It was obvious what had happened.

Since Beefalo remain stationary while you are around them, all it takes to lure one into your angelic trap is to place it down, shove them in its direction, and you're set. The same can be applied to pig-men, except they're a little random on where they walk.

I am not aware of a possible solution at the moment, but I felt the need to report this issue. Thank you for reading!

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