[General] - Server Reset to day 1 & Map disappear


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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: Server Reset to day 1 & Map disappear

Issue Description: Started a dedicated server and I woke up one day and logged in and the server was back at day 9. How did it reset? If one person enters a server and dies does that count as everyone on the server dying? Did it reset because someone came in and died?

The mode was survival

Steps to Reproduce: I would try and reproduce by:

1. create dedicated server

2. have 5 people join and build a world

3. everyone leaves except one person

4. the one person left dies.

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Hmm thank you. Is this intended behavior? I ask because I like the bigger challenge of survival mode and we had a really good base set up but it's fairly easy for someone to come in during winter when everyone is offline and destroy the world. Is this more of a feature request?

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@Cawsp, Yes, it's intended. Otherwise you could just have one random person join and then leave and the world would be protected forever. I don't really see a good solution to that...


But basically you want the sanity drain and lack of portal revival of Survival but without the world resetting? I think I could mod that in pretty easily...

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Thanks very much @rezecib, you're right I can't think of a good solution to that other than to understand that about survival servers. I will try an endless server next although I do like the added (slight) difficulty of needing to create hearts to revive people. I'm sure a mod for that will crop up overtime.

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@Cawsp, Ah, well if you just want to disable the portal, you could hide it:


(or use :Remove() to delete it)


But even in Endless mode I almost always revive with hearts instead, since they only confer a maximum health penalty of 20, while the portal gives 40.

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