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I was just going to start a thread to suggest this very thing. Glad to see that someone else thought of it too.

No worries, you would be surprised how many suggestions appear in this section that have appeared before. I've been around since November 2012 so I've seen plenty of them. ;)In short, if you feel like you have any suggestions on improving or presenting the scarecrow idea in another way, go for it. No one person owns the idea so you're free to present your own ideas based on the concept.Not to mention if we keep bringing up scarecrows the Devs are bound to notice and add one into the game. ;)
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Scarecrows have been mentioned in other suggestion threads before, so there is some popularity with them. The general idea was that a scarecrow was crafted from sticks, grass, rope, and a pumpkin. A variation to this crafting formula included adding a straw hat as well.It should be noted that while the Devs haven't confirmed anything about scarecrows, some industrious players searched the game code and uncovered a reference to "scarecrow". This may indicate that the possibility exists that there will be scarecrows in the game at some point. Who knows?As for me I always felt that farming was "too safe". There's no punishment for planting crops and eating your harvest. Birds drop seeds in plentiful quantities and a caged bird will even give you extra seeds of a specific fruit or vegetable if you want to grow only the best type.So to counteract this I suggested that birds should swoop down and eat seeds that have recently been planted and rabbits could eat crops that are either in the process of growing (after the seedling stage) or that are fully grown. After all, if you leave fruits or vegetables on the ground rabbits will hop up and eat them. The same is true for birds with seeds. So it's not like this wouldn't be against what they already are doing.The scarecrow, in past suggestions, served only to scare away birds and rabbits. However there were players who suggested the scarecrow could also serve to either attract hounds away from the player. Of course the same was also suggested for the Meat Effigy.

Yeah, I suggested a scarecrow before but as a foe
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I believe this would be a good feature.. Farming is too simple and you can easily create plentiful food once you have the right resources... If you bring an area to the game like rabbits and birds stealing crops then there would be more challenge without pushing it. I think the scarecrow is a great idea and maybe it might be implemented in the future?


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