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Server 1st Time Start: No Show: Pause_When_Empty Issue (server doesn't fully load)

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So I found this in someone else's post, and since it was the issue that kept my server from loading and posting to the internet when I first launched my Don't Starve dedicated server I decided to post about it with a very clear title.


If you are starting your server for the very first time and you have;

pause_when_empty = true


Change it to False.


The server will not fully load with that .ini setting as true.  Well it didn't for me.  A Lot, like 2 1/2 hours of A Lot.


Change the setting to false when you launch the dedicated server for the first time when a world has Not been saved to the server.  The server will create the world and just hang there if this setting is "true" for your first ever launch.  


Once you have set it to false, started the server, logged into the server (to verify it is running) you can shut the server down and reset the pause_when_empty to true and restart.  That is what I did and all works as expected.



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