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Setting an Absolute location for -conf_dir possible?

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Is there a way, without using OS based folder symlinks, to set an absolute location instead of one relative to Documents location?

For instance, OS and thus Documents folder is on C:/ but the game files are located on D:/ with a SSD RAID.

I have tried:

-conf_dir "C:\somelocation"
-conf_dir "C:\somelocation\"
-conf_dir C:\somelocation
-conf_dir C:\somelocation\

All 4 settings tries to append the setting to after Documents/Klei



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The devs would have to weigh in on this definitively, but currently, there's no known way.  I noticed that at some point while the server is loading, the conf_dir setting is directly appended to the Klei home directory, which would preclude moving it to somewhere else.


And hypothetically, if one looked through the binary dontstarve_dedicated_server_nullrenderer file, there might be hardcoded references to it, but I would never do anything like that because it would be wrong!

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AFAIK, you can't move this default folder. You only can add other folder in it. See my pic in attachment.

I set 3 server with different mode.

So, command "config_dir <foldername>" will only access in the config file located in ~/documents/Klei/<foldername>


As example in my pic :

If you add command "-config_dir survival" it will check insinde "~/documents/Klei/" if there's no such folder, it will create the folder name, if it's exist, it will use configuration file inside the folder.


Note :

if you want run multiple server in same machine, you must define each server with each port, while for config_dir, it can remain same, but take a note that it will overwrite each other save file unless you add command.


For me its more simple to run server in different folder with different parameters and different save slot which can easy set in settings.ini in each folder like in my picture.



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