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Please help! Game crashes on start-up!

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I could be entirely wrong, but I think one/a few of the character mods is not properly updated. Namely, Nightly and Haruz produces errors before the game completely crashes. A work-around, would be that you manually delete those mods found under Steam/SteamApps/common/Don't Starve Together Beta/mods or all the other mods for a fresh clean slate.
To do so you can move all the folders in another destination or delete all the workshop-########## folders. Then verify the game cache again. Reopen the game and hopefully it works now.
I also just noticed that you posted this in the Don't Starve General Discussion Forum. Unless I'm mistaken, all DST mod related issues should be posted in DST Mods and Tools Forum.
If the work-around proves useless, then I'm sorry for not being much help. Good luck. Cheers.

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