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Going to make a thread to discuss usage of CPU and memory when running a Don't Starve Together Dedicated Server.


Here are my current settings (snipped out some of the server specific stuff)




enable_snapshots = false
enable_autosaver = true
enable_vote_kick = true
pause_when_empty = true
server_save_slot = 1
max_players = 10
pvp = true
game_mode = survival
tick_rate = 60
connection_timeout = 8000


My server is a virtual server with a Xeon E31270, two virtual processors running at 3.40 GHz. I have 2 GB of RAM.


I generated the map by just running the exe, so I am actually not sure what size the map defaults to...


Current usage when idle:

CPU: 14-20%

Memory: 300 MB


Usage with just one player:

CPU: 16-25% (stayed mostly around 18%)

Memory: 310 MB


I noted that memory usage seems to have gone up after wandering around a bit, waiting for a save, then disconnecting. Total memory usage is now at 318 MB


EDIT: It looks like I had my settings mucked up, so the "pause_when_empty = true" option was not enabled. After fixing that, the server idles with:

CPU: 14-18%

Memory: 34 MB

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  • Developer

Thanks @tehg :)


If others feel like chiming in with their server stats and how it behaves (under load or over time) I'd really appreciate it. It'll give me and others a feel for what's currently to be expected and a point of reference (in use as well as development).



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I've been monitoring our DST instances (5 as of today on a 6 core nehalem server 2008 R2) with a nagios install and have more monitoring data than you could possibly need, covering all major metrics.  It would be better to probably email someone a download link, as it's a lot of data (plus for privacy reasons I'd only want it in the hands of Klei).  If you're interested let me know.

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I have i5-3550 @ 3.30 GHz.

8 GB of RAM.


I ran my server for like 12 hours, CPU went between 20%-40% on average.

10% with 0 people. 20% with 1-4 people. 30% with 5-6 people.


There were relatively low spikes with intense activities, such as having one guy in a beefield, another near tentacles, another near tallbirds, at the same time. The worst (a jump to 60%) was having 6 people and a forest fire spreading like mad.


RAM usage: 500 MB - 1000 MB


Disclaimer: I don't actually know what info you guys want or how to take it without something except for my eyes.

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Hello I havea dedicated running multiple VM here is the config of the VM running the DST DS


1 core of Xeon E1245v2

2GB of RAM.


Running for approximately 24 hours.

With approximately 6 people on the server I am consuming 300-350MB of RAM.


Here is a graph of the usage of the process. I assume the little spikes are auto savings ?

Graph here


or here :

The script I used for this graph is available here :

If you want mines :

while true; do

ps -C dontstarve_dedicated_server_nullrenderer -o pid=,%mem=,vsz= >> /tmp/mem.l$

gnuplot /tmp/gnuplot.script

sleep 1

done &


set term png small size 1280,800

set output "/you-path/mem-graph.png"

set ylabel "VSZ"

set y2label "%MEM"

set ytics nomirror

set y2tics nomirror in

set yrange [0:*]

set y2range [0:*]

plot "/tmp/mem.log" using 3 with lines axes x1y1 title "VSZ", \

"/tmp/mem.log" using 2 with lines axes x1y2 title "%MEM"

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