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set pause_when_empty before generate map

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I using Windows x86 server to build my dedicated server.

I noticed that when I set pause_when_empty = true in setting.ini before generate map,

server will stuck in Below command:


[00:00:09]: Done forest map gen!

[00:00:09]: scripts/worldgen_main.lua(245,1) Checking map...

[00:00:09]: scripts/worldgen_main.lua(599,1) Generation complete

[00:00:09]: WorldSim::SimThread::Main() complete


and I can't find my server in list.

if I set it after generate map and reopen the server it is functional.

Is it a bug or just my wrong setting?


Another problem,

The mod "health info" ServerModSetup("375859599"),

can't be downloaded by server,but others are downloadable.


Thanks for reply!

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