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[Mod] Preset Manager

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Preset Manager provides tools to organize your custom world presets.



When saving a world preset, you will be asked to enter a name and description.
You can delete unwanted presets by selecting it in the preset spinner, then clicking the "Delete" button above.
The maximum limit for custom presets can be set in the mod's options menu.

Compatible with DS and RoG.
Should be compatible with all other mods, as long as they aren't attempting to do something similar. Let me know if you find any that it's not compatible with.

Possible bugs:

  • When deleting a preset preceded by another one, then adding another preset, the new preset will take place of the old deleted one instead of appending to the end. This is due to how the save index is managed. I'll fix it if people seem to care about that. Please let me know if it bugs you.
  • Excess presets will not be deleted automatically when the number of max presets is decreased. This is not a bug, it is intended to function this way to prevent accidental deleting. You will only be able to override presets that fall within the max preset number, but you can still delete any preset.


Preview screenshots are available on the downloads page.


Suggestions, comments, and bug reports are welcome.



- Blueberry



For anyone interested, feel free to copy/modify/use my mods however you wish, including in your own mods. Please include appropriate attribution with links so everyone can benefit from them.
Legally equivalent to CC Non-commercial Attribution licence.
In case of conflict with terms of the website, the websites terms take precedence over this message.


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