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Dedicated Server Client Now Available

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I’m happy to announce that as of today the Dedicated Server Client is now available to everyone!


A Dedicated Server is an optimized version of Don't Starve Together that has been designed to be run for longer periods of time, with none of the graphical overhead.


The Dedicated Server is available through Steam and anonymously through SteamCMD, on both Windows and Linux.   It is also available through the Steam client, listed under tools.  You do not need to be logged into Steam to run the server.


I have put together (with the help from many awesome community members) a wiki entry to help you get started:



We will keep working to make improvements based on feedback, and will continue to push for features that will make Dedicated Servers an awesome experience.


Please share your ideas, comments, issues, and thoughts relating to the Dedicated Server Client in our new sub-section: 




Please note:

Running a Dedicated Server directly is intended for technical users only.  It requires some tinkering and computer knowledge to run properly.  Luckily many 3rd party hosts have already expressed interest in renting servers, so hopefully we will be seeing those offers soon.

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