[General] - Stuck at black screens while joining friends' server


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Category: General

Issue Title: Stuck at black screens while joining friends' server

Issue Description: I've just bought a Don't Starve Together yesterday from Steam.

When I tried to join my friends' server I was stuck at a black screen.

The characters menu did not show up, not even the "Loading..." caption.

When I tried to join other strangers' sever there was the "Loading" caption, but just pending on there.

Today other friends of mine also bought Don't Starve Together games, and they faced the same problem as well.

Yet when I changed my internet from a shared net behind a switch to a 4G mobile net I can finally join others' games.

Now my friends cannot join games still, and they've got no other nets to change.

(I've attached my log.txt with both don't starve and don't starve together, hope this helps.)

Steps to Reproduce: Buy a totally new Don't Starve Together from Steam -> Open it (without open Don't Starve local game version ever) -> Register an account -> Log in and try to join other FRIENDS' server -> Get black screens

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