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I love all the charcters from dont starve, but sometimes I wish there was more of them to choose from. So Im making this forum so everyone can present theyr idea about a charakter.


So my idea is to a girl called Winny. She is a vegetarian that spawns with a watercan that makes gardening faster. The watercan can only be filled when it rains. She is gonna have regualr health and sanity but a bit more hunger. Shes wearing a white dress with one flower on, and her hair can be in a ponytail.


I hope someone will look into that idea but thats just hope :p

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I was thinking that the hero of Gucamelee woul'd make a great don't starve character.

A mexican wrestler with a blue mask and a pet chicken with something like 50% chance to spawn an egg each day during the night.

Maybe the chicken could go berserker during full moon, becoming as powerful than a tallbird (so helpfull but not OP), he woul'd be immortal (avoiding attack or dropping a special egg on death then spawning from the egg).


The wrestler would have high health but low sanity (say 200 and 120) and because Gucamelee is all about switching between the real world and another plane, he could go in insanity mode at will.


The drawback could be that because he's a hero, he would loose sanity when killing an innocent creature.


Maybe he could have a natural armor of 10% also, because he is a tough guy. I don't know, it would have to be balenced obvisously.


This game give me so much ideas, I have an entire jungle biome in mind, new charcters, set pieces, craftable items...

I really hope to see new content added in the future.

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