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stuttering game when opened crafting menu.


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please watch this video.


stuttering game when opened crafting menu.


it's using the 4~5 mods.


the more used mods, the more stuttering game.


how can i fix it?



my computer spec.




8gb ram


plz help me.

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On the same boat, myself. Takes over half a second for each click, with all the mods I want.


Also the more mods, the lower the overall fps I get (from 60 fps with up to around 15 mods, to 30 fps with around 35 mods), and I feel they are related cause that's just what scrolling causes; an extreme fps loss to the point where it simply drops to 0.


Also the mods screen itself is affected by this, the more active mods, the longer it takes to scroll through the pages. AND also load times are affected considerably.


Edit: Well, nevermind about the fps part. I've been filtering mods and apparently it's just some specific map mods that do it. For some reason adding or editing icons in the map destroys performance, apparently...

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