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Since a lot of people complain about the game being too easy without caves (especially after that first winter), what about an option in world customization where you can turn on/off the possibility of doom and chaos? For example, if you know you're only going to be playing 20 days, you can make it so that on day 20, all hell will break loose (similar to the PAX edition of DST, a hell of a lot of hounds will be released alongside constant meteor bombardments and maybe killer bees / other nasty things too, if Klei is feeling in the mood for it). The objective of this is to kill everyone, because you're probably going to get off and never rehost the server anyways.


Similarly, if you plan on playing a server with 5 friends and you know you'll be on a server for at least 100 days, how about a periodic apocalypse, starting off weak at the beginning but getting exponentially stronger as the days go by and occurs at a constant interval of time (like every 10 days)? I know we have hounds for that, but hounds kinda aren't enough at the moment (as we have many people complaining that the game gets boring after a certain threshold). So, for example, on day 60, the 6th wave of death will arrive and the ground will be struck by meteors, maybe 3 Vargs spawn per person, in comparison to day 30's pack of 8 hounds per person.


Just a thought, to take down the people who find this game too easy. Of course this should be a thing you can turn off, as people with 10 hours or less may not want to have their butts ripped off by mobs of nasty things.

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