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Category: General

Issue Title: Lag

Issue Description: Hi, like many others I am experiencing lag as a client connecting to a host. The lag is not constant, but it appears randomly, and most of the time while fighting creatures.

I am only playing DST with my girlfriend and we're using the same connection, playing in the same room with identical laptops (i7 proc, 16 GB RAM, etc.strong laptops) and while playing other games together (league of legends, world of warcraft) we don't experience the same lag issues.

We both tried being the host but same result, the client has lag and at times is unplayable, death by creatures that are normally avoidable or killable, even death by not being able to get to the camp at night to light the fire.

Steps to Reproduce: Just playing the game and it happens, usually fighting something.

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Yeah sadly when you get more critters running around, performance degrades pretty rapidly even on a beast system. Sometimes my frames die off to the point of me not being considered a Good Host for myself running locally lol


Pretty sure optimisation will come last as there are other issues that need to be fleshed out first. Not a great answer nor a solution, I admit, but I think the game will perform far better upon release. We are playing it pre-release, early access after all ;)

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